Do I Trade With Real Funds? – Infiniti Funds

When you have successfully passed Phase 2 (Evaluation Stage) our Infiniti Funds Funded Traders will have real capital to trade, which matches their initially chosen Account Balance. Your Infiniti Funds Funded Account will be a Live Account with Real Capital 


You will have the opportunity to generate Real Profit from your Live Account, where you earn 80% of the Total Profit, on your Live Account.  


Note: Before purchasing a Funded Account Challenge, it is important to select the correct Account Balance that suits you from the start. We do not provide Account Upgrades, therefore, the Initial Capital that you choose in the beginning will determine the size of your Funded Account 


If you prove yourself to be a consistent Funded Trader and manage to build consistent profits over a 3-month consecutive period, we will increase your profit share to 90%. 

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