How Do I Use The Account Dashboard? – Infiniti Funds

Our aim at Infiniti Funds is to continue to develop our seamless funding experience. Our diligence and fixation on user experience has served as our catalyst to build an Account Dashboard that is intuitive, and extremely straightforward for our traders to use.  


Our platform is powered by valuable analytic solutions and lightning-speed technology, which is constantly being developed.  


How Do I Log Into My Dashboard?  


Once you have created an Infiniti Funds Account, you can log in to your Account Dashboard with this respective URL Link Simply use the respective Email Address and Password that were used to register your Infiniti Funds Account 


How Can I Change My Account Password? 


If you know your Account Password, you may change it as follows: 


  • Go to “My Profile”. 
  • View the “Change Password” section. 
  • Fill in your Current Password and your chosen New Password. 
  • Click the “Update” icon.  


Alternatively, if you cannot remember your Account Password, you can reset it by following these simple steps: 


  • Visit our Log In Section 
  • Click on the “Forgot Password?” button.  
  • Open your Email Inbox & find the Reset Password Email 
  • If you cannot find the email, please check your Spam/Junk Folder 
  • Once opened, click the “Reset Password” icon.  
  • Enter your selected New Password 
  • Revisit our Log In Section and enter your new details.  


What Information Can I View On My Account Dashboard? 


Before you make a purchase, you will see your Standard Dashboard which displays general information about the Funded Account Challenge, the respective Payment Panel which allows you to choose your Account Details, and TradeLocker as your trading platform.  


If you navigate to the panel on the left-hand side, you can view these sections: 


1. Platforms 

  • Select your preferred Trading Platform. 
  • You can choose between Live Accounts and Demo Accounts. 


2. Affiliates 

  • View all your Affiliate Tracking Tools (commissions, referrals, etc.). 
  • Find your unique Affiliate ID Link 
  • Manage your chosen USDT Payout Address 


3. My Profile  

  • Update Personal Information (Name & Surname). 
  • Change your Account Password. 


4. Live Support  

  • Start a Live Chat with our Support Team 
  • Ask any query related to Infiniti Funds and our Funded Account Challenges. 


Once you have purchased a Funded Account Challenge on Infiniti Funds, that is when the fun truly starts! You will then be able to see all the relevant statistics and data vis-à-vis all your Active Challenges, such as:  


  • Account Balance  
  • Total Profit/Loss (P/L) 
  • Winning/Losing Trades 
  • Profit Target  
  • Today’s Permitted Loss (Daily Drawdown) 
  • Max Permitted Loss (Overall Drawdown) 
  • Active Trading Days  
  • End Date 


What can you find in the Funded Account section?  


You can view the Funded Account section once you have successfully completed Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Funded Account Challenge, and you meet all the respective criteria. It is important to note that this section differs from the Challenge Section, which only highlights Funded Account Challenges which are in either Phase 1 or Phase 2. 


  • Click on the “Funded Accounts” tab.  
  • Select the desired Funded Account from the drop-down tab 
  • You will see a wide range of data (Challenge Status, Account Credentials, Challenge Rules, etc.).  


This is a comprehensive glossary of the “Performance” Section:  


  • Average Loss: this term is the average loss on all your losing trades. 
  • Average Win: this term is the average win on all your winning trades. 
  • Win Rate: this is the ratio of winning trades to losing positions. 
  • Average Trade Duration: the average duration of time spent on each position.  
  • Profit Factor: (sum of all winning trades) / (sum of all losing trades) 
  • Lots: this numerical figure is the total number of lots traded throughout the Challenge.  

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