How Does the Funded Account Work? – Infiniti Funds

Your Funded Account Balance will be the same Account Balance that you selected when you purchased the Funded Account Challenge before Phase 1 (Evaluation Stage). To maintain your Funded Account status, as a Funded Trader, you will need to meet the following criteria: 


  • Max Daily Drawdown: 5% 
  • Max Overall Drawdown: 10% 


What Happens If I Breach One of the Requirements? 


If you violate the Daily/Overall Drawdown parameters, this will automatically result in your Funded Account being disabled, with immediate effect. You can still apply for another Funded Account Challenge.  


Note: Do not worry about the losses, Infiniti Funds bears full responsibility for all the losses, we take all the risk, and you take 80% of the total profit.  


How Much Profit Do I Get? 


As an Infiniti Funds Funded Trader, you will receive a generous 80% of the Profit Split from each respective Withdrawal Period. If you successfully manage to avoid violating the Drawdown Limits, and you are profitable, you will be eligible for your first payout.   

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