How Quickly Can I Get Started? – Infiniti Funds

The moment you create and log in to your Infiniti Funds Account, you will immediately receive access to your Account Dashboard. Where you can purchase a Funded Account Challenge via your preferred Payment Method 


If you choose to submit a payment via a Cryptocurrency the transaction will not be confirmed until you receive an Email Confirmation from Infiniti Funds titled “Completed Purchase” which you should get within minutes.  


I did not receive the Email Purchase Confirmation:  


If you do not receive this Confirmation Email in your Email Inbox, please check your respective Spam/Junk/Promotional Folder(s) 


If the Cryptocurrency Payment has been deducted from your Crypto Wallet, yet you have not received the Confirmation Email, please contact our Support Team via email: [email protected], and our dedicated 24/7 Support Team will promptly solve this matter.  


Thank you for choosing Infiniti Funds! We wish you the best as you embark on the ultimate trading journey through our platform.  

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