What Leverage Does Infiniti Funds Offer?

At Infiniti Funds, we offer extremely competitive leverage across our Funded Account Challenges, in comparison to other prop firms. At the moment, we offer leverage of up to 100:1.


What is Trading with Leverage? 


Leverage allows traders to open a trading position that uses a small amount of their Trading Capital, to take on a much larger position in the market. This is done by borrowing money to invest, increasing your returns, and potentially earning more profit that would not have been possible without using Leverage 


An example of Trading with Leverage would be:  


If a trader had $5,000, they could leverage their Trading Position by x100 times (or even more). If you had a Trading Position that was Leveraged at 100:1, you would be opening yourself to manage a position of $500,000 in the Market.  


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