What Features & Platforms Can I Use to Trade With?

Infiniti Funds is all about helping our traders strive for success, which is why we ensure that our platform is up to date with the best technology and tools that our traders need to succeed in our Funded Account Challenges.  


We use TradeLocker, a state-of-the-art and innovative trading platform, with charts that are powered by TradingView, which elevates the trading experience for our users to another level.  


You do not even need to download TradeLocker, simply choose your desired Funded Account Challenge and purchase it. You will receive your TradeLocker login credentials via email, and once you have successfully logged in, you will be ready to start 


What Features Are Available on Infiniti Funds? 


We strive to help our traders succeed, which is why our platform offers the best and most updated technology and tools for our traders to accomplish their goals.  


Trader’s Portal  


Our platform has a built-in dashboard that combines both performance and intuitive use. We provide a medium that sets our traders up for success from the start. Simply purchase Funded Account Challenges, use our intuitive Account Dashboard to track and manage your performance, and more from one portal, which we feel is very convenient. You can learn how to completely navigate your dashboard by clicking here 


Funded Accounts with Real Capital  


Once you have successfully progressed through both stages of our Funded Account Challenge, and you meet all the requirements, we will provide you with a fully-fledged Funded Account. You will be able to trade with our capital and retain 80% of all profit 


We do not abide by the basic industry standards of solely offering Demo Accounts and Virtual Funds. Definitely not. We offer Real Capital and allow you to trade on a Live Account.  


Affiliate Dashboard  


At Infiniti Funds, our platform is user-friendly, which is why our Affiliate Portal is fully integrated within your portal. You can simply find all the information and tools that you need to start and grow your Affiliate business. Our dashboard provides you with a detailed overview of your performance, commission, and campaign setup, and conveniently allows all our traders to earn through our Affiliate Scheme. 


Do you want to learn more about our well-established platform and incredible features? Read more about it here 


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